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CHEER: Cheer is predominantly a team-based sport that involves stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance. It was initially started in the USA but is now the fastest growing sport in the UK

STUNTING: The lifiting and “throwing” of the “flyer” by a team of “bases” performing complex moves which can be taken to various heights and levels. 

Tumbling: Where the athlete performs gymnastic style movements as well as airborne skills.

JUMPS: Such as pike, toe touch, herkie and hurdler forming different shapes in the air. 


HIP HOP: Hip hop is often referred to as street dance and is primarily performed to hip hop music. It has a wide range of technical moves such as popping, locking, waacking, tutting and dancefloor. It derives from the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the US. 


LYRICAL: Similar to Jazz but performed at a much slower pace. Lyrical has a much more flowing style and choreography uses the words and stories of the music to incorporate the movements with inner feeling and emotion

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JAZZ: A performance dance style using upbeat music with technical elements such as turns, leaps, kicks and complex choreography 


POM: A dance style using pom poms and incorporating specific dance moves, technical work, leaps, kicks, jumps and turns creating a visual routine

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